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High school baseball: Greatest team in all 50 states
What do the 1996 Westminster Christian (Miami), the 2006 The Woodlands (Texas) and the 1958 Fresno high school baseball teams all have in common? They all have been selected by MaxPreps as the greatest high school baseball team of all-time from their respective states.

Westminster Christian was ranked No. 1 in the nation by several publications and had seven all-state players and two MLB draft picks. The Woodlands team had state Player of the Year Kyle Drabek on the mound and was also ranked No. 1 in the country. Fresno, meanwhile, shut out 15 opponents and has also been regarded by Cal-Hi Sports as the state's best team ever.

Those three teams highlight a list that includes teams from different eras, including the 1925 Lane Tech team from Illinois, the 1953 Capitol Hill team from Oklahoma and the 1948 Burlington team from Vermont. Recent selections include the 2018 Har-Ber squad from Arkansas, the 2015 Parkview team from Georgia and the 2014 Barbe team from Louisiana.

Teams were selected using a combination of past Baseball America, Collegiate Baseball Newspaper and MaxPreps national rankings as a starting point. Extra weight was given to national champions, undefeated teams and squads with multiple all-state players or MLB draft picks. For states not recognized in national rankings, state championships were used. Montana, Wyoming and South Dakota were not included since they do not play baseball as part of their state association.
Ryne Inman was part of Parkview's 2015 squad.
File photo by Steve Hampton
Ryne Inman was part of Parkview's 2015 squad.
Greatest high school baseball team from each state

Russell County (Seale)
Year: 2005
Record: 38-1, Class 5A state champion.
Ranking: No. 1 by Collegiate Baseball Magazine and Baseball America
Best Players: Colby Rasmus (drafted No. 28 overall in MLB draft), OF, Class 5A state player of the year;  Kuyaunnis Miles (648 in 2007), Kasey Kiker, P, Jr, All-State Super 12 (drafted No. 12 in 2006); Cory Rasmus, Utility, Jr, Class 5A all-state (drafted No. 38 in 2006, played 4 years in MLB); Adam Coe, 3B-2B (drafted No. 220 in 2006), Danny Danielson, P (drafted No. 236 in 2007),

South Anchorage (Anchorage)
Year: 2017
Record: 17-3, Division 1 state champion
Ranking: Not in Top 50 national rankings
Best Players: Jonny Homza, C-3B (138)

Tucson High Magnet School (Tucson)
Year: 1972
Record: 25-0, Class AAA state champion
Ranking: No national rankings in 1972
Best Players: Ron Hassey, SS, .486 batting average, All-City player of the year, (drafted in 1976, played 14 years in MLB as catcher); Michael Odum, All-City, (No. 153); Frank Castro, P, 13-0, 0.68 ERA; Al Lopez, 1B, All-City, .340, 5 HR.

Har-Ber (Springdale)
Year: 2018
Record: 30-4, Class 7A state champion
Ranking: No. 2 in national rankings by Baseball America
Best Players: Blake Adams, Jr., P-IF, .411, 8 HR, 7-2 record, 89 Ks (plays at Arkansas), All-State, state player of the year in 2019; Hunter Wood, IF, All-State as junior.

Year: 1958
Record: 30-1 (only loss to Fresno State freshman team). 15 wins by shutout.
Ranking: No national rankings in 1958
Best Players: Dick Ellsworth, P, 15-0; Lynn Rube, P, 7-1; Jim Maloney, SS (played in MLB with Reds); Pat Corrales, C (played in MLB).

Cherry Creek (Greenwood Village)
Year: 1996
Record: 22-0, Class 5A state champion
Ranking: No. 2 in national rankings by Baseball America
Best Players: Josh Bard (No. 1,027, played with Dodgers); Darnell McDonald, Baseball America National Player of the Year in 1997, All-American in 1996. Tyler Johnson, team captain, played at Arizona State.

Year: 1999
Record: 19-1, Class LL state champion
Ranking: No. 44 in national rankings by Baseball America
Best Players: Bryan Rinehart (No. 1,276), All-American, hit home runs in five consecutive at-bats; Brian Mascaro, P, Connecticut-Massachusetts All-Star.

St. Mark's (Wilmington)
Year: 2004
Record: 23-1, Division 1 state champion
Ranking: No. 47 in national rankings by Baseball America
Best Players: John Dischert, Jr., P, all-state; Mark Lemon, 3B, all-state; Shane Malkin, 2B, all-state second team; Dante LaPenta, OF, all-state honorable mention; Tim Smith, UT, all-state honorable mention. 

Westminster Christian (Miami)
Year: 1996
Record: 36-0-1, Class 2A state champion
Ranking: No. 1 in nation by Collegiate Baseball Newspaper and Baseball America
Best Players: K.O. Wiegandt (No. 1,121), all-state pitcher; Keith Brice, P, (No. 1,689), second team all-state; Jason Moore, IF, all-state; Mark Walker, OF, all-state; Manny Crespo, OF, all-state; Brad DuPree, P, second team all-state; Javier Miranda, IF, second team all-state.

Parkview (Lilburn)
Year: 2015
Record: 34-2, Class 7A state champion
Ranking: No. 1 in national rankings by Baseball America
Best Players: Ryne Inman, P, 11-1, (No. 455, in MLB with Mariners); Will Etheridge, Jr., P, 13-0, (in MLB with Rockies), Daino Deas (Auburn), .410.

Year: 1997
Record: 31-2, Division 1 state champion
Ranking: No. 6 in national rankings by Baseball America
Best Players: Keoni DeRenne, SS, state player of the year, .519; Gregg Omori, 2B, all-state, .549; Danny Kimura, UT, all-state, .534; Corin Korenaga, OF, all-state, .354.

Year: 1972
Record: 33-1, invitational state tournament champion
Ranking: No national rankings in 1972
Best Players: Jeff Hill, OF (No. 97, drafted in 1973).

Lane Tech (Chicago)
Year: 1925
Record: 30-1
Ranking: No national rankings in 1925, however, defeated Flushing (N.Y.) in front of 50,000 fans at Yankee Stadium for "Intercity" championship between Chicago and New York City.
Best Players: Alf Thorp, 14 strikeouts in win over Flushing.

La Porte
Year: 1987
Record: 34-2, Class 3A state champion
Ranking: No. 1 in national rankings by Collegiate Baseball Newspaper
Best Players: Bob Gale, P, all-state, 15-1, 127 Ks;

Year: 2008
Record: 40-0, Class 4A state champion
Ranking: Not included in national rankings due to summer season
Best Players: Ryan Torgerson, P, 12-0, all-state; Troy DuBay, C, .421, all-state; Greg Larpenter, OF, .42, all-state.

Southeast (Wichita)
Year: 1978
Record: 23-0, Class 5A state champion
Ranking: No. 1 in national rankings by Collegiate Baseball Newspaper
Best Players: Douglas Hoppock, P/OF (No. 564); Kevin Clinton, IF-P (No. 650)

Madison Central (Richmond)
Year: 1982
Record: 40-0 (13 shutouts), state champion
Ranking: No. 1 in national rankings by Collegiate Baseball Newspaper
Best Players: Ricky Congleton, P, 10-0; Jeff Cruse, P (drafted 1987, No. 1,098).

Barbe (Lake Charles)
Year: 2014
Record: 39-2, Class 5A state champion
Ranking: No. 1 in national rankings by Baseball America
Best Players: Kennon Fontenot, state MVP, .489; Beau Jordan, all-state; Bryce Jordan, all-state; Gunner Leger, P, 17-0; Adam Goree (frosh), 13-0.

Deering (Portland)
Year: 2004
Record: 17-0, Class A champion
Ranking: No. 41 in national rankings by Baseball America
Best Players: Ryan Flaherty 3B-SS, (drafted 2008, No. 41, 7 years in MLB); Andrew Giobbi, C, drafted in 2010, No. 972); Chris Burleson, SS, state MVP in 2005 (drafted in 2009, No. 1,079).

Northeast (Pasadena)
Year: 1991
Record: 24-0, Class 3A state champion
Ranking: No. 1 in national rankings by Collegiate Baseball Newspaper
Best Players: Craig Everett, OF, All-Metro Player of the Year (No. 1,595); Charlie Buckheit, P, All-Metro second team; Donald Shump, 3B, All-Metro second team, (No. 1,554); Russ Curry, IF, All-Metro second team; Rich Spiegel, C-1B (drafted 1994 ,No. 622).

Plymouth North (Plymouth)
Year: 2008
Record: 22-0, Division 2 champion
Ranking: No. 18 in national rankings by Baseball America
Best Players: Evan Martinson, All-Star; Tom MacInnes, All-Star; Jared Canney, All-Star; Joe Flynn, All-Star; Jordan Wylie, All-Star; Matt Walsh, All-Star; Corey Coleman, All-Star; Keegan Grabhorn, All-Star.

Catholic Central (Novi)
Year: 1999
Record: 38-1, Division 1 state champion
Ranking: No. 8 in national rankings by Baseball America
Best Players: Casey Rogowski (No. 399), all-state Dream Team; Anthony Tomey (No. 707), all-state Dream Team; Bob Malek, all-state Dream Team.

Cretin-Derham Hall (St. Paul)
Year: 2001
Record: 25-1, state champion
Ranking: No. 10 in national rankings by Baseball America
Best Players: Joe Mauer (No. 1), USA Today Player of the Year; Tony Leseman, OF, all-metro, .530; Mark Dunnigan, OF, all-metro second team, .549; Sean Spencer, P, all-metro third team.

Year: 2010
Record: 36-1, Class 4A state champion
Ranking: No. 1 in national rankings by MaxPreps
Best Players: Chase Lewallen, Clarion Ledger all-state, .545; Jackson Posey, all-state, .523; Luke Lowery, P, 11-1, all-state second team; Conner Barron, IF, .514, all-state second team.

Vianney (Kirkwood)
Year: 2018
Record: 36-2, Class 5 state champion
Ranking: No. 6 in national rankings by Baseball America
Best Players: Andrew Keck, C, all-state first team; CJ Cepicky, OF, all-state first team; Luke Mann, DH, all-state first team.

Omaha Northwest (Omaha)
Year: 1983
Record: 21-1, Class A state champion
Ranking: No. 1 in national rankings by Collegiate Baseball Newspaper
Best Players: Gregg Olson, P (27-0 career record, played with Orioles).

Bishop Gorman (Las Vegas)
Year: 2009
Record: 40-4, Class 4A state champion
Ranking: No. 1 in national rankings by Baseball America
Best Players: Jeffrey Malm (No. 169), 1B, national player of the year, RJ Santigate (No. 1,341), Joey Gallo, IF, MaxPreps Freshman All-American; Erik Van Meetren, C, MaxPreps Sophomore All-American; Johnny Field, IF, all-state; Joey Rickard, OF, all-state; Stephen Manthei, P, all-state.

New Hampshire
Year: 2011
Record: 20-0 (part of 89-game win streak), Division II champion
Ranking: Not in top 50 national rankings
Best Players: Keegan Taylor, Division II player of the year, Aidan O'Leary, all-state; Quinn McCann, all-state; Connor McCauley, all-state.

New Jersey
Gloucester Catholic (Gloucester City)
Year: 2000
Record: 33-1, Non-Public champion
Ranking: No. 1 in national rankings by Baseball America
Best Players: Mark Michael, IF, (No. 612); Greg Burke (No. 1,262), P, all-state; Matt Ryan, OF, all-state; Mike Rucci, DH, all-state.

New Mexico
La Cueva (Albuquerque)
Year: 2004
Record: 28-0 (part of 70-game win streak), Class 6A state champion
Ranking: No. 6 in national rankings by Baseball America
Best Players: James Parr (No. 131), P-SS, all-state; Seth Johnson, OF, all-state; Jordan Pacheco, P, all-state; JJ Muse, OF, all-state second team.

New York
Washington (New York)
Year: 1997
Record: 44-2, PSAL champion
Ranking: No. 1 in national rankings by Collegiate Baseball Newspaper
Best Players: Vicente Rosario (No. 240), .623, 89 stolen bases, all-city; Emmanuel Ulloa (No. 643), P, 14-1, all-city; Manuel Olivera, P, 12-0, all-city.

North Carolina
White Oak (Jacksonville)
Year: 1979
Record: 22-0 (part of 45-game win streak), state champion
Ranking: No. 1 in national rankings by Collegiate Baseball Newspaper
Best Players: Mike Meadows, P, 29-0 career record.

North Dakota
Year: 2005
Record: 37-2, Class A state champion
Ranking: Not in Top 50 national rankings
Best Players: Andrew Gudmunson, all-state, P; Tyler Lundy, all-state P.

Start (Toledo)
Year: 1994
Record: 31-0, Division 1 state champion
Ranking: No. 1 in national rankings by Collegiate Baseball Newspaper
Best Players: Matt King (No. 389), P, all-state; Dan Wardrop, 1B, all-state; Steve Luda, 3B, all-state.

Team: Capitol Hill (Oklahoma City)
Year: 1953
Record: 27-0, state champion
Ranking: No national rankings in 1953
Best Players: Bob Burr, 1B, .433, all-state; Buzzy Cleveland, 3B, .396, all-state.

Lakeridge (Lake Oswego)
Year: 1999
Record: 30-1, Class 4A state champion
Ranking: No. 34 in national rankings by Baseball America
Best Players: Rob Hayden, P, all-state; McKenzie Handley, P, all-state; Evan Zupancic, OF, all-state; Adam Bellows, OF, all-state.

Malvern Prep (Malvern)
Year: 2008
Record: 40-3, Inter AC champion
Ranking: No. 9 in national rankings by Baseball America
Best Players: Chris Gosik, OF, all-city; John Gentile, P, all-city; Chris Cowell, IF, all-city second team; Tim Cooney, P, all-city second team; Nick Busillo, OF, all-city third team; Mike Lubanski, C, all-city third team.

Rhode Island
Bishop Hendricken (Warwick)
Year: 2003
Record: 27-2, Div. 1 state champion
Ranking: No. 44 in national rankings by Baseball America
Best Players: Jay Rainville, P, (drafted 2004, No. 39).

South Carolina
Team: Riverside (Greer)
Year: 2004
Record: 30-2, Class AAA all-state team.
Ranking: No. 4 in national rankings by Baseball America
Best Players: Marc Young (No. 859), state player of the year; Drew Crisp (No. 1,039), all-state; Adam Crisp (No. 1,129).

Team: Germantown
Year: 1995
Record: 38-0, Class 3A state champion
Ranking: No. 1 in national rankings by Collegiate Baseball Newspaper and Baseball America
Best Players: Jay Hood (No. 100), All-American; Matt Hale, all-state; Chris Latterhos, all-state.

The Woodlands
Year: 2006
Record: 38-1, Class 5A state champion
Ranking: No. 1 in national rankings by Baseball America
Best Players: Kyle Drabek (No. 18), Class 5A state player of the year; Steven Maxwell, P, all-state; Mickey Armstrong, C, all-state honorable mention; Paul Goldschmidt (No. 1,453).

Spanish Fork
Year: 2011
Record: 29-3, Class 4A state champion
Ranking: No. 2 in national rankings by Baseball America
Best Players: Kayden Porter, Utah Mr. Baseball; Hayden Nielsen, P, Class 4A MVP; Jarrett Jarvis, C, all-state; Travis Still, OF, all-state.

Year: 1948
Record: 15-1 (42-4 during three straight state championship seasons)
Ranking: No national rankings in 1948
Best Players: Paul Letourneau, P; Johnny Bove, P.

Madison (Vienna)
Year: 2002
Record: 29-0, Group 6 champion
Ranking: No. 14 in national rankings by Baseball America
Best Players: JJ Hollenbeck, All-Met Player of the Year, 8-0, 0.89 ERA; Matt Foley, C, All-Met, .550; Pat Brown, All-Met second team; Allan Wimmer, OF, All-Met second team.

Jackson (Mill Creek)
Year: 2006
Record: 27-0, Class 4A state champion
Ranking: No. 2 in national rankings by Baseball America
Best Players: Travis Snider (No. 14), Class 4A state player of the year; Cameron Nobles (No. 561), P, all-state; Joey Lind, IF, all-state.

West Virginia
Jefferson (Shenandoah Junction)
Year: 2015
Record: 37-2, Class 3A state champion
Ranking: No. 21 in national rankings by Baseball America
Best Players: Andy Disque, P, all-state; Paul Witt, IF, all-state; Andrew King, IF, all-state second team; Charlie Barnholt, Utility, all-state second team.

Sun Prairie
Year: 2005
Record: 26-0, Division 1 state champion
Ranking: Not in Top 50 national rankings
Best Players: Kevyn Feiner (No. 542), IF, all-state; Travis Kerr, OF, all-state; Garrett Granitz, P, all-state.
High school baseball rankings: Barbe climbs to No. 2 in HIGHSCORE Top 25 after starting season 20-0 - HIGHSCORE
High school baseball rankings: Barbe climbs to No. 2 in MaxPreps Top 25 after starting season 20-0
Barbe (Lake Charles, La.) last won a MaxPreps National Championship in 2014 when it finished 39-2. The Buccaneers are making another run at a possible national crown with 20 straight wins to start the 2021 season after an 8-2 win Tuesday over crosstown rival Sam Houston. That streak is enough to put Barbe at No. 2 in the MaxPreps Top 25 high school baseball rankings.

Barbe sits behind No. 1 Buford, which continues to clobber opponents with its pitching and hitting. Dylan Lesko proved that point when he struck out 10 and hit a home run against Marist. Lesko is the No. 2 player in the Class of 2022 by Perfect Game.

Calvary Christian Academy avenged its loss to IMG Academy with an 8-2 win. However, the Eagles fell to Pembroke Pines Charter to drop two spots to No. 7.

Meanwhile, Madison Central (Miss.) continues its rise up the rankings, jumping five to No. 4 after four lopsided wins by a combined score of 49-7.

Dropped out:
Grayson (Loganville, Ga.)

Game of the Week: Calvary Christian Academy 8, IMG Academy 2. The Eagles avenged their earlier loss to the Ascenders with an impressive effort by pitchers Irving Carter and Andrew Painter. Carter struck out eight in five innings while Painter fanned two.

Player of the Week: Malachi Lott, Gregory-Portland. In a win over Flour Bluff, Lott hit a home run and also threw a no-hitter with 11 strikeouts.

Recruit Watch: Brock Selvidge, Hamilton. In the season opener for the Huskies, Selvidge showed why he's one of the top two-way players in the nation, hitting two home runs and striking out six in three innings pitched.

Game to Watch: Barbe vs. Sam Houston. The state of Louisiana's two best teams reside right in Lake Charles. The two teams played on Tuesday and play again Thursday.
Dylan Schlotterback, Lake Travis
Photo by Robbie Rakestraw
Dylan Schlotterback, Lake Travis
MaxPreps Top 25 high school baseball rankings

1. Buford (Ga.)
18-0 | Last week: 1
Results: Def. Habersham Central 10-1, 13-0; def. Marist, 7-2, def. Dacula, 7-1, 12-0.
Stats: Jackson Gaspard was 3-for-4 with a double in the first win over Habersham while Jax Brockett threw a one-hitter with six strikeouts in the second game. Dylan Lesko struck out 10 against Marist and hit a home run. He added two doubles and a home run in a 12-0 win over Dacula.
Next: March 29 vs. Central Gwinnett.

2. Barbe (Lake Charles, La.)
20-0 | Last week: 2
Results: Def. St. Louis Catholic, 6-1; def. Zachary, 10-4, 9-4, 6-1 and 5-4. Def. Sam Houston, 8-2.
Stats: Donovan LaSalle and Kameron Edwards both had home runs in the 9-4 win over Zachary with Edwards also hitting a grand slam in the 6-1 victory.
Next: Thur. vs. Sam Houston, Sat. vs. Sulphur.

3. Jesuit (Tampa, Fla.)
11-1 | Last week: 6
Results: Def. Durant, 10-2
Stats: Dominic Castellano struck out eight against Durant.
Next: Wed. vs. Bartow, Fri. vs. Sickles.

4. Madison Central (Madison, Miss.)
11-0 | Last week: 9
Results: Def. North Pike, 12-3; def. Newton County, 13-1; def. Neshoba Central, 15-3, def. Northwest Rankin, 9-0.
Stats: Braden Montgomery had a home run and Gatlin Sanders was 4-for-4 with five RBI against North Pike. Hunter Hines went 2-for-4 with a double and three RBI.
Next: Sat. vs. West Jones.

5. Stoneman Douglas (Parkland, Fla.)
14-1 | Last week: 11
Results: Def. Monsignor Pace, 11-0; def. Hollywood Hills, 16-0, def. Flanagan, 8-1; def. Cypress, 11-2.
Stats: Jake Clement and Grant McDonald both hit home runs against Monsignor Pace while Chris Arroyo struck out 13 in six innings. Arroyo and Clement combined to toss a no-hitter. Aiden Minott had a home run against Hollywood Hills.
Next: No games scheduled.

6. Hamilton (Chandler, Ariz.)
3-1 | Last week: 4
Results: Def. Chaparral, 6-4; def. Chandler, 12-7, lost to Red Mountain, 2-1; def. Chandler, 6-4.
Stats: Brock Selvidge had two home runs and struck out six in three innings against Chaparral. Prince DeBoskie was 2-for-4 with two doubles and five RBI against Chandler.
Next: Fri. vs. San Luis.

7. Calvary Christian Academy (Fort Lauderdale, Fla.)
11-2 | Last week: 5
Results: Def. North Broward Prep, 6-5; def. IMG Academy, 8-2; def. South Plantation, 15-7; def. Sagemont, 13-3, lost to Pembroke Pines Charter, 5-3.
Stats: Irving Carter struck out eight against IMG Academy while Jonathan Lane was 4-for-4 with two doubles. Lane, Erik Blair and Alex Ulloa each had a home run against South Plantation.
Next: TBA

8. IMG Academy (Bradenton, Fla.)
12-2 | Last week: 3
Results: Lost to Calvary Christian Academy, 8-2; def. Doral Academy, 7-1.
Stats: Elijah Green was 2-for-4 with a double against Calvary Christian. Jackson Ferris struck out 10 against Doral.
Next:  Wed. vs. Bob Jones (Ala.), Thur. vs. Baylor (Tenn.), Fri. vs. Allatoona (Ga.).

9. Lakeland Christian (Lakeland, Fla.)
11-0 | Last week: NR
Results: Defeated Winter Haven, 4-1; def. George Jenkins, 6-2. Also has a win over Calvary Christian.
Next: Wed. vs. Inspiration Academy and Winter Haven.

10. Calvary Christian (Clearwater, Fla.)
11-1 | Last week: 10
Results: Did not play
Next: Thur. vs. Clearwater Central Catholic, Fri. vs. Berkeley Prep.

11. Auburn (Ala.)
16-1 | Last week: 20
Results: Def. Harris County, 10-0; def. Trinity Christian, 10-0; def. Cullman, 2-0.
Stats: Ryan Austin had a double and a home run with five RBI against Harris County. Brady Fuller had a double and a home run against Trinity Christian. Austin and Patrick McGlon both hit home runs against Cullman.
Next: Fri. vs. Cullman, Sat. vs. Huntsville and Bob Jones.

12. Carrollton (Ga.)
17-1 | Last week: 12
Results: Def. South Paulding, 2-0; def. Douglas County, 15-1 and 9-1.
Stats: Eli Runyan struck out 8 against South Paulding. Ace Williamson had a triple and three RBI against Douglas County.
Next: Wed. vs. Rome, Thur. vs. Florence, Fri. vs. Rome.

13. Lake Travis (Austin, Texas)
18-2-2 | Last week: 13
Results: Def. San Marcos, 8-4, 3-0; def. Hays, 4-3.
Stats: Dylan Schlotterback was 2-for-4 with a double and three RBI in the first game against San Marcos while Ethan Roark threw a one-hitter with nine strikeouts in the second game.
Next: Thur. vs. Hays.

14. Palm Beach Gardens (Fla.)
12-1 | Last week: 14
Results: Def. Grace Christian, 9-7; def. St. John Paul II, 4-2, def Cardinal Newman, 4-3.
Stats: Cade Bush had three home runs and was also the winning pitcher against Grace Christian.
Next: Fri. vs. Palm Beach Central.

15. St. Thomas Aquinas (Fort Lauderdale, Fla.)
11-1 | Last week: 15
Results: Def. Pembroke Pines Charter, 6-3.
Stats: Daniel Cuvet was 3-for-5 with a double, a home run and five RBI in the win.
Next: Wed. vs. Chaminade Madonna.

16. Gregory-Portland (Portland, Texas)
20-0-1 | Last week: 16
Results: Def. Flour Bluff, 12-0; def. Victoria West, 9-3, def. King, 4-0.
Stats: Malachi Lott hit a home run and threw a no-hitter with 11 strikeouts against Flour Bluff. Walker Janek also had a double and a home run in the win.
Fri. vs. Victoria East.

17. Sam Houston (Lake Charles, La.)
17-3 | Last week: 8
Results: Def. Airline, 17-4; def. St. Pius, 10-1; lost to Dutchtown, 5-1; def. Vanderbilt Catholic, 6-1. Lost to Barbe 8-2
Stats: Sam Ardoin had two doubles and Andrew Glass had two triples against Airline.
Next: Thur. vs. Barbe, Sat. vs. Comeaux.

18. Tompkins (Katy, Texas)
18-1-1 | Last week: 19
Results: Def. Morton Ranch 38-0, def. Seven Lakes, 8-1, def. Mayde Creek, 10-0.
Stats: Drew Markle and Cash Russell each had five RBI and Tyler Brownlee and Jace LaViolette had six RBI apiece against Morton Ranch. LaViolette also had three doubles and Markle had two. Tompkins had 27 base hits in the win.
Next: Fri. vs. Cinco Ranch; Sat. vs. Langham.

19. St. Mary Prep (Orchard Lake, Mich.)
0-0 | Last week: 17
Results: Did not play
Next: Opens season Sat. vs. Catholic Central.

20. Baylor (Chattanooga, Tenn.)
3-0 | Last week: 22
Results: Def. Soddy Daisy, 19-0; def. Rabun Gap, 6-4.
Stats: Daniel Corona, Jay Dill and Vito Valincius each hit home runs against Soddy Daisy. Valincius also hit a home run against Rabun Gap.
Next: Wed. vs. Florence, Thur. vs. IMG Academy, Fri. vs. Bob Jones.

21. Winder-Barrow (Winder, Ga.)
14-1 | Last week: 23
Results: Def. Central Gwinnett, 15-0; def. Lanier, 3-0, 9-5.
Stats: Brady House was 4-for-4 with two doubles in the win. He also had a home run in each of the wins over Lanier.
Next: Wed./Fri. vs. Lanier.

22. Farragut (Knoxville, Tenn.)
6-0 | Last week: 25
Results: Def. Summit, 8-3; def. Lebanon, 6-2; def. Tullahoma, 8-5; def. Christ Presbyterian, 8-1; def. Heritage, 9-5, Bearden, 9-1.
Stats: Hudson Seiglar had two home runs against Summit while Hunter Merrick hit one out against Tullahoma and Angus Pence had one against Christ Presbyterian.
Next: Wed. vs. Bearden; Fri. vs. Dobyns-Bennett.

23. Owasso (Okla.)
12-1 | Last week: 21
Results: Def. Community Christian, 13-5; def. Prague, 13-1; def. Verdigris, 12-2; def. Sallisaw, 11-3; lost to Union 5-2.
Stats: Brennan Phillips had a home run against Community Christian. Solomon Skalnik was 4-for-4 with a double and two RBI against Verdigris. Phillips had two doubles and four RBI while Brody Green had a home run against Sallisaw.
Next: TBA

24. Reagan (San Antonio, Texas)
18-3 | Last week: 18
Results: Def. Brandeis, 3-0; lost to Johnson, 1-0.
Next: No games scheduled.

25. De La Salle (Concord, Calif.)
1-0 | Last week: 24
Results: Def. Franklin (Elk Grove), 8-1.
Stats: Liam Little hit a home run in the win.
Next: Sat. vs. Tracy.
High school softball rankings: Florida, Texas postseason play heats up for 11 teams in HIGHSCORE Top 25 - HIGHSCORE
High school softball rankings: Florida, Texas postseason play heats up for 11 teams in MaxPreps Top 25
Florida is one off 11 states headed to the postseason this week while others are still in their season's infancy. Lakewood Ranch (Bradenton, Fla.), No. 3 in this week's MaxPreps Top 25 high school softball, landed the 7A District 12 two-seed, while the one seed went to No. 9 Newsome (Lithia, Fla.). The two could meet up Friday in the District final.

The top team in California keeps changing each week as Golden State action really starts to ramp up. With so much talent spread throughout the Golden State and the unlikelihood of any postseason, one or two losses could really impact where a team finishes in the rankings.

Stevie Hansen and Norco (Calif.) hold down the sixth-spot. The Oregon signee is one of the top pitchers and players in the country.
Cassidy McClellan, Lakewood Ranch
Photo by Stacy White
Cassidy McClellan, Lakewood Ranch
MaxPreps Top 25 high school softball rankings

1. Leander (Texas)
29-0 | Last week: 1
The top-ranked Lions prepare for postseason play starting Thursday.

2. Barbers Hill (Mt. Belvieu, Texas)
29-2 | Last week: 2
The Eagles ride a 26-game winning streak heading into the playoffs.

3. Lakewood Ranch (Bradenton, Fla.)
23-2 | Last week: 3
The Mustangs open up 7A District 12 play on Tuesday.

4. Park Vista (Lake Worth, Fla.)
23-0 | Last week: 5
The Cobras have a bye and will host District play on Wednesday.

5. Marist (Chicago)
10-0 | Last week: 6
The RedHawks have outscored its opponents 89-12.

6. Norco (Calif.)
9-1 | Last week: 7
After an early season loss, the Cougars have rolled off nine impressive wins.

7. Hewitt-Trussville (Trussville, Ala.)
38-2-1 | Last week: 8
Kenleigh Cahalan, Riley Tyree and Anyce Harvey all knocked three hits in a 17-2 win over previously ranked Fairhope.

8. Warren (San Antonio)
22-0 | Last week: 10
The Warriors have scored 10 or more runs in 12 of 22 games this season.

9. Newsome (Lithia, Fla.)
23-0 | Last week: 11
The Wolves have a first-round bye in District play. They open up on Wednesday.

10. Lake Creek (Montgomery, Texas)
30-0 | Last week: 12
The Lions have shutout 22 of 30 opponents this season and have allowed 14 runs total.

11. University (Orange City, Fla.)
20-0 | Last week: 13
The Titans host a District semifinal game Wednesday after their a first-round bye.

12. Bob Jones (Madison, Ala.)
29-3 | Last week: 14
The Patriots have four more regular season games before playoffs begin in early May.

13. Neshoba Central (Philadelphia, Miss.)
24-0 | Last week: 15
The Rockets opened up playoffs Monday with a 12-1 win.

14. Spring-Ford (Royersford, Pa.)
7-0 | Last week: 17
The Rams won three close games this past week by a total of four runs.

15. Villa Park (Calif.)
11-0 | Last week: 19
Spartans making a case for top-ranked team in California as they have blanked their last four opponents.

16. Doral Academy (Doral, Fla.)
22-2 | Last week: 20
Firebirds host a District semifinal on Tuesday.

17. Lake Central (St. John, Ind.)
14-0 | Last week: 21
Sydney Doloszycki had three hits and a home run Monday to lead the Indians in a 9-0 win over Valparaiso.

18. Judson (Converse, Texas)
25-1 | Last week: 22
The Rockets begin playoffs Thursday at home against Clark.

19. Mater Dei Catholic (Chula Vista, Calif.)
11-0 | Last week: 23
Sophomore Ayanna Shaw had five hits last week including two home runs as the Crusaders remained perfect.

20. Crown Point (Ind.)
11-1 | Last week: 24
After a 4-2 loss to No. 19 Lake Central, the Bulldogs have won six-straight.

21. Williamsburg (Ohio)
12-0 | Last week: 25
The Wildcats have allowed just four runs in 12 games.

22. Westlake (Westlake Village, Calif.)
8-1 | Last week: 9
Daryn Siegel hit her fifth home run of the season. The Warriors have 22 long balls in nine games.

23. Sabino (Tucson, Ariz.)
15-0 | Last week: NR
Junior Riley Nielson is 12-0 in the circle with a 0.61 ERA. She is also batting .500 with three home runs at the plate.

24. South Gibson (Medina, Tenn.)
25-0 | Last week: NR
The first Tennessee squad to join the MaxPreps Top 25 this year. The team has scored over 200 runs while allowing 39.

25. Benson (Ariz.)
14-0 | Last week: NR
Emily Darwin and Celina Wilharm have 11 home runs combined and have led the Bobcats to a perfect start.

2018 HIGHSCORE High School Freshman All-American Football Team - HIGHSCORE
2018 MaxPreps High School Freshman All-American Football Team
Georgia has been home to some of the most accomplished ninth-grade signal callers in recent years. From DeShaun Watson to Jake Fromm and Trevor Lawrence, the Peach State has led the way with quarterbacks making an instant impact as freshmen.

In 2018, Gunner Stockton showed that he was next in line.

The 6-foot-1, 195-pound quarterback emerged at Rabun County (Tiger, Ga.) in a major way this year.

Stockton, a top-ranked quarterback in the Class of 2022 according to scouting service Recruiting Brain, showed that, for as much promise his future holds, he was ready to make an instant impact. He completed 190-of-291 passes for 2,917 yards and 34 touchdowns.

His touchdown total (34) eclipsed the ninth grade production of Watson (17), Lawrence (26) and Fromm (8).

"He is a very special/rare player," said Rabun County quarterbacks coach Jaybo Shaw. There are not many Gunner Stockton's walking around."

Stockton highlights a talented and geographically diverse group of freshmen All-Americans that features players from all pockets of the country as well as a selection from American Somoa.

MaxPreps 2018 Freshmen All-American Team

First Team Offense

The Peach State's next great signal caller, Stockton threw for 2,917 yards and 34 touchdowns. He also rushed for 709 yards and 17 more scores.

Threw for 1,937 yards and 21 touchdowns while rushing 60 times for 312 yards and six scores, drawing comparisons to a young Cam Newton.

A physical specimen at 6-1, 185, Gibbs topped the 1,500-yard mark and scored 22 touchdowns.

One of the more exciting players in the Stockton-Modesto area, Brown reeled off 1,688 yards and scored 28 times. He added 31 catches for 741 yards.

"Bam Bam" battered opposing defenses, en route to district Newcomer of the Year honors.

With 48 catches for 1,191 yards and 13 touchdowns, Burden is the definition of a home-run threat. With the gridiron season finished, Burden heads to the hardwood, where he might be even more talented.

Notched 77 catches for 854 yard and six scores for Alemany. According 247Sports, he already has an offer from Oregon.

For one of Massachusetts' top programs, Zamor emerged as one of the top young talents in New England, lining up at numerous positions and earning a Michigan offer in the process.

Also an impressive basketball and baseball player, Oatis saw varsity action in the trenches as an eighth-grader, a testament to his incredible physical prowess. He has already landed offers from Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi and Mississippi State.

The ballyhooed middle-school phenom shed 80 pounds heading into ninth grade, making him a factor immediately on the Holy Cross varsity line.

Iuli was an absolute monster for state semifinalists Puyallup. Washington has produced numerous blue-chip lineman through the years, and Iuli has the chance to be every bit as good as any of them.

An all-district selection, Meadows helped Graham capture a Class 2 state title, the program's first since 1995.

Though his future is likely on the defensive side of the ball, Miles, who already holds offers from Michigan and North Carolina, was a key figure on the St. Peter's Prep offensive line.

Nickel was a key contributor to state champion Milton, where he also lined up at fullback.

For the storied Ohio program, Harrison stepped into the starting quarterback role and tossed for 1,649 yards and 12 touchdowns.
Graphic by Ryan Escobar
First Team Defense

At 6-3, 305 pounds, Neal is a mountain of a young man, and will be drawing double teams for years to come.

Accounted for 76 tackles and 15 sacks for a 14-1 Northeastern team.

Thomas knifed his way through opposing offensive lines to the tune of 13 sacks.

A massive presence up front for one of New Jersey's top teams, Booker had three tackles in Bergen Catholic's early season upset over Grayson (Loganville, Ga.).

For state champ Crusaders, Misa tallied 39 tackles and added a blocked punt.

The son of former NFL player (and current Kansas City Chiefs assistant) Deland McCullough, Dasan already towers over his dad and could be an FBS recruit at multiple positions.

The Black Knights have produced some blue-chip recruits and Smith, a 6-3, 221-pound specimen, seems to fit the mold.

In Alabama's ultra-competitive Class 7A, Alexander earned All-State honors, finishing with 74 tackles.

After leading the team in tackles as an eighth-grader, Martin delivered once more as a freshman.

A playmaker for Palmetto, he made big plays on both defense and special teams.

A breakthrough player in the secondary for the CIF Open Division state champs Mater Dei, he recorded two interceptions and three pass breakups.

A starter for one of the state's top programs, he also saw action at wide receiver and has now transitioned to the hardwood.

An all-region pick, he was responsible for 26 tackles, five interceptions and 12 pass breakups.

He's drawn comparisons to Chiefs' defensive tackle, and fellow "757" native Derrick Nnadi. The 6-4 300 pounder made 71 tackles and earned Second Team All-State.

Second Team Offense

It was a dominant season for the coach's son who carved up opposing defenses to the tune of 2,984 yards and 40 touchdowns.

The 6-5 gunslinger threw for 2,438 yards and 29 touchdowns against four interceptions, helping the Titans to a 9-3 finish.

Topped the 1,000-yard mark for the 9-3 Cougars, while adding six catches for 74 yards and another score.

Made a name for himself with 329 yards and four touchdowns against state power Lake Taylor (Norfolk). On the season, he accumulated 1,421 yards and 16 scores.

Coach's son found the end zone 22 times on 1,280 yards, while adding a pick-six on defense.

Taylor, simply put, is one of the fastest players in America. As Washington continues to become a recruiting hotspot, Taylor will carry the torch.

Turner-Gooden showed glimpses all over the field, lining up at wide receiver, defensive back, punt returner and kick returner.

The sky is the limit for the 6-3 Groves, who caught eight touchdowns and also spent time at running back.

After missing most of the season with a broken foot, Johnson, whose father Brad played quarterback and won a Super Bowl in the NFL, closed the season by catching a touchdown pass from brother Max, an LSU commit.

A starter out of the gate, Harris showed the promise that led to an early offer from Alabama.

Not only started for mighty Centennial, a high school power, he played the key position of left tackle for one of the country's best programs.

Worked his weigh into the starting lineup and more than held his own for Broward County power St. Thomas Aquinas.

Taylor was tasked with protecting the quarterback's blindside, using his 6-5 frame to line up at left tackle.

For Class 6A Atascocita, which finished 11-2, Dewberry saw significant time at tackle. He'll be one of the biggest recruits in the Lone Star State in coming years.

The 6-2 WR/FS saw action on special teams. As a receiver, he caught 10 touchdowns.

Second Team Defense

Record 19 tackles and swatted down three passes. He projects to be one of the more coveted recruits from the Hoosier State.

While he saw regular work at defensive end and played special teams, the best is yet to come for Finkley, who's already 6-2, 225.

A gifted edge-rushed and totaled six sacks and five tackles for loss.

In the season opener, Perry immediately established his presence, recording six tackles, a sack and a fumble recovery.

It's rare for any freshmen to contribute for Texas Class 6A powers like Coppell, especially at physically demanding positions like linebacker. Polk thrived, with a team high 116 tackles.

The team's leading tackler this fall, Murphy will be a sought-after recruit before his time is up.

Playing in the nation's premier league, Te'o more than held his own. He was responsible for 66 tackles and four quarterback hurries.

The 6-2, 210 pounder looks like a linebacker at the next level, but also saw action behind center for Simmons.

The rangy Barham took advantage of a growth spurt entering high school and saw varsity action for national power DeMatha.

With his size (6-1, 195), Clark thrived at safety before moving up to play linebacker. He hails from the same school as former blue-chip defensive back Antwine Perez.

The son of former NFL receiver Donald Driver, Cristian helped Liberty Christian to an 8-5 season and a berth in the state state semifinals.

DB – Oakie Salave'a, Leone (Pago Pago, American Samoa)
Salave'a, whose uncle Joseph spent more than a decade in the NFL as a defensive tackle, has the size (6-3, 180) and pedigree to be a big-time player from American Samoa. He already has an offer from Hawaii.

A member of the Crusaders' impressive young nucleus, Gould made 24 tackles and an interception.

An all-area honorable mention selection, Singletary had seven picks and six pass breakups for Class 7A Lee.

*Stephen Spiewak is national football editor emeritus at MaxPreps and has selected the MaxPreps Freshman All-American Team since 2010. Nowadays, he works at Vivid Seats, where he's written about the popularity of football across the United States.
2020 MLB Draft recap: High school players get late start, 11 chosen - HIGHSCORE
2020 MLB Draft recap: High school players get late start, 11 chosen
Video: Fictional high schools seen via Google Earth
Take a tour of these cinematic prep palaces.

It took awhile for high school players to come off the board in the 2020 Major League Baseball draft, but they had a strong finish in the first round with a few surprises along the way. The draft's first day say 11 prep players chosen (with two more taken in the competitive-balance round).

The truncated MLB Draft continues on Thursday with Rounds 2-5.
Pete Crow-Armstrong, Harvard-Westlake
Photo by Terry Jack
Pete Crow-Armstrong, Harvard-Westlake
Robert Hassell III of Independence (Thompson's Station, Tenn.) was the first high school player chosen with the No. 8 overall pick by the San Diego Padres. The eighth-overall selection is the lowest the first high school player has been chosen in the 56 years of the MLB Draft.

The previous lowest selection was Clayton Kershaw of Highland Park (Dallas) at No. 7 overall in 2006. Three times, the first prep chosen was at No. 6, including 1992 when Derek Jeter of Kalamazoo Central (Mich.) was taken by the Yankees.

Overall, a high school player has been chosen with the No. 1 overall pick 25 times.

Outfielders Favorite Choice

The first three high school players chosen were all outfielders. After Hassell III went to San Diego at No. 8, Zac Veen of Spruce Creek (Port Orange, Fla.) went to the Rockies at No. 9.

Three picks later, the Reds chose Austin Hendrick of West Allegheny (Imperial, Pa.) at No. 12. Pete Crow-Armstrong of Harvard-Westlake (Studio City, Calif.) became the fourth prep outfielder chosen when the Mets picked him at No. 19.

Red Sox make surprise pick

Boston made the surprise pick of the first round when it chose second baseman Nick Yorke of Archbishop Mitty (San Jose, Calif.) at No. 17.

The selection was a shocker for several reasons. First, second basemen rarely come off the draft board in the first round. Second, Yorke was ranked by MLB as the No. 139 best player available in the draft. The second-lowest ranked prep player chosen in the first round was Carson Tucker, a shortstop from Mountain Pointe (Phoenix), who was ranked No. 52.

The Red Sox have had good luck with Northern California second basemen, however. Former league MVP Dustin Pedroia is originally from Woodland.

Few pitchers chosen

In the past, high school pitchers have been a popular first-round choice. Not so in 2020. Mick Abel of Jesuit (Portland, Ore.) went to the Phillies at No. 15 while Nick Bitsko of Central Bucks East (Doylestown, Pa.) went to the Rays at No. 24.

Among those pitchers not taken Wednesday included potential first round picks Jared Kelley of Refugio (Texas) and Carson Montgomery of Windermere (Fla.).

Only three prep pitchers were chosen in the first round last year with seven chosen in the 2018 draft.

Draft beats last year's numbers

The 2019 draft had one of the lowest total of high school players taken in over a decade with just 10 players chosen. The 2020 draft did one better with 11 players chosen. An additional two players were chosen in the competitive-balance round making 13 preps chosen out of 37 total picks on the draft's first day.